My Goals for Carleton York

I am a strong voice for Rural New Brunswick. I live in the great riding of Carleton York with talented, hardworking people who have been neglected, ignored and forgotten. I will change this!

Rural communities have a heart and spirit that built this province. We’ve lost this over successive years and governments. We are stronger when we stand together, work for the common good and take care of each other. I am tired of divisive policies, unjustified closures, reduction of services and the lack of accountability and transparency from government after government.

Governments must become honest and transparent with all decisions being made on behalf of the public good. Ethics and integrity are not just words that can be spoken, they must be translated into action, only then will we be able to turn our province’s fortunes around.

“Going with the flow” seems to be the current doctrine in this riding. I will reinvigorate our constituency by asking for input from everyone, making decisions based on “facts” that support our riding’s interests and fight for those interests, whether they are the “populous” position or not. As a businessman for over 25 years, I know first-hand that these are the qualities that lead to success. I understand the difficulties of business, employment, government red tape, high taxes… the list goes on and on.

The privilege of being elected MLA for Carleton York is not something to be taken for granted or expected. It has to be earned, everyday. I will fight for both new and old jobs. I will fight for opportunities for the people of Carleton York, and for all Rural New Brunswickers. I believe in equal opportunity for all of us. The current state of “status quo” is just not good enough.
I dedicate myself to represent the Riding of Carleton York and the interests of all rural New Brunswickers and I ask for your support to help me fulfill this promise for a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you,
Chris Duffie